Outdaughtered: Human Ignorance Has No Limits – Hater complains about tribute of Adam Busby to deceased minister

As I said earlier, “Outdaughtered” star Adam Busby published a photo in honor of Jarrid Wilson, who committed suicide four days ago, and solicited donations to help with burial expenses.

However, as ignorance is scary, a follower of Adam posted this comment on the photo:

“Why ask for donations to help with this funeral? Suicide is never an answer or a tragedy, it’s a choice. (…) A tragedy is a heart attack and a car accident because the person wanted to live and not intentionally cause suffering to his family.”

Adam, understandably shocked, replied:

“This is a very true mental illness. Something you do not understand in view of your extreme crass. Just as a heart attack can kill, so can depression. It’s an invisible killer. Answers like yours show us how much we need to talk more about mental illness.”