90 Day Fiancé: Paola Mayfield Posts Photo Kissing Her Husband – and fans are outraged by the presence of her son Axel

For some time, because of some photos and videos posted by “90 Day Fiancé” star Paola Mayfield, questions have arisen about her marriage to Russ Mayfield.

However, this weekend, Paola decided to clarify all issues by posting a photo kissing Russ, with the couple’s son, Axel, playing close to their parents.

But as Paola wore a sort of short shorts and Axel was close to her parents during the kiss, some followers expressed outrage at the post.

“Don’t put such suggestive pictures next to your baby,” wrote a follower in Spanish. “Publish (photos of) your baby with your husband, or alone, or your sex catalogs, but not with a child, think of pedophilia.”

Paola answered very directly:

“You are the perv and have a dirty mind. Your mind is so bad you have to sexualize everything. ”

Another follower complained:

“Why can’t you put some clothes on?”

Paola was as direct as in the previous answer:

“Because I’m in my house and in my house I do whatever I want!”


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