90 Day Fiancé: “You think you can be sit there judging me because you see 15 seconds of video!” – One more about Paola Mayfield and her tour with Juan Munõz

As we said earlier, “90 Day Fiancé” Paola Mayfield seemed to have a lot of fun with her best friend Juan Muñoz and others at a party yesterday.

However, his followers, who did not seem to like the fact at all (since the girl is married and has a child under one year old), were disgusted in the comments.

One fan, mentioning her concern about the child, commented:

“Thankul you left the baby at home!!”

Paola didn’t seem to like the words and answered:

“How do you know? How do you know Russ isn’t around? How do you know? What is actually happening in our lives just for 15 seconds videos? How do you all know that russ wasn’t there? How do you all know what is actually happening? You all sit there judging me and talking shit about me and saying that I am such a pos towards my husband and all of you do the same! LOL”


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