Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Launches YouTube Channel

“Seeking Sister Wife” star Vanessa Cobbs announced this week the launch of her new YouTube channel.

The channel, which belongs to Vanessa and her twin sister Adrienne, is called “The Impossible Twins” and is in vlogcast format.

The text published by Vanessa about the channel was:

“Adrienne and I produced our first vlogcast a couple of days ago and it has taken nearly as long to upload for some reason! Our first episode is available now though! Just click the link in my bio to watch us weigh in on subjects such as pop culture, current facts, The Royals, movies/ tv and personal/ spiritual. This was a lot more work than we expected it to be, so we will probably post episodes on different days each week. (…) We hope you all watch and enjoy! ”

Remembering that Vanessa is no longer part of Snowden family.

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