Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Leaves the Snowden Family

“Seeking Sister Wife” star Vanessa Cobbs announced she was leaving Snowden family in April 2019, four days after the season’s end of the show.

These were the words of Vanessa:

“After consulting my soul, I decided to leave the Snowdens. I love Ashley, Dimitri and the children very much, and I will continue to love forever. However, my love and commitment to them outweighed my love and commitment to myself. I hadn’t been honest with me lately. I was ignoring my inner guide who said I couldn’t give them what they needed. I know that loving someone (or a family) doesn’t mean that you have to be with him. Sometimes the momentum is not aligned with your personal growth and following standards. Thank you to all who supported us on this journey. I still believe polygamy can be, and is, a beautiful thing. ”

Ashley and Dimitri Snowdens said they were “deeply sad,” but wished Vanessa “peace and happiness on their personal journey.”