90 Day Fiancé: Woman Makes Virtual Fundraising Event to Find Out if Azan Tefou Has a Wife in Morocco

A woman named Lygia Savage created a kind of “Fundraising Event” on “Go Fund Me” website to find out about the life of Azan Tefou, fiancé of “90 Day Fiancé” star Nicole Nafziger, in Morocco.

An Instagram profile called “More Biggy,” specializing in news about the show, spread the news with the following caption:

“We need answers. Azan might’ve gotten someone pregnant and is possibly married. GFM is for a private investigator.”

The worst (or best) part is that we find that the “Fundraising Event” exists. If you want to check, it is the link.

Remembering that Nicole was even accused of creating a fake profile to pretend Azan was commenting on her photos.


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