90 Day Fiancé: “Stop, you’re playing a fool!” – Fans think Nicole created profile for Azan and comments on her own photos

“90 Day Fiancé” star Azan Tefou has been supposedly posting a lot of photos and videos on Instagram. However, fans believe that Nicole Nafziger, his fiancée, created the page to “fake” an alleged interaction between the two.

Two episodes are examples of this. On Azan’s page, Nicole commented “Wow, look at that butt” and Azan’s profile a few minutes later said: “Thank you, love”. Already on Nicole’s page, Tefou’s profile commented “You look so beautiful, love” and shortly after Nicole replied “Thank you, love”.

Followers did not believe the comments were really from Azan and said:

“It’s ok to talk to yourself. But when you start answering yourself, it becomes a problem.”

“Like this is really Azan. Nicole, you look pathetic. He will never marry you.”

“Nicole stop. Now you are just making yourself look foolish. This is YOU! I used to defend you, but I can’t defend nonsense and when someone thinks they are playing the public.”

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