90 Day Fiancé: “If it were as bad as you think I would have given up” – Nicole answers Instagram fans

Yesterday, August 2, Nicole Nafziger answered some questions from her Instagram followers.

One of the questions involved Nicole’s credulity with Azan Tefou, her fiancé. The follower asked if the star understood why everyone doubted Azan, if she didn’t care or didn’t see it.

Nicole replied, “I don’t care. I don’t care if people doubt my relationship. It is my relationship so. Trust me, if it was as bad as y’all think, I would have left. But it’s not, and I’m happy. He is my man and I can’t wait for him to be in United States with me. We will really have a good life here”.

A few days ago Nicole was accused of creating an Instagram account for Azan and pretend to be him on the social network.

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