Mama June: Geno Doak accuses WeTV and show production – “June passed the drug test, there was nothing in her system!”

Geno Doak, June “Mama June” Shannon’s boyfriend, finally spoke in Instagram live video about everything that has been going on in the couple’s life. And what he had to say was nothing short of a bomb.

At first, Geno apologized to family, friends, and his followers for everything. He blames WeTV (the station currently airing the show “Mama June New Life”) and ThinkFactory (producer responsible for the show) for his absence on the networks, which would have blocked his profiles in social media.
Geno so began a series of complaints against the producers and the TV station. Doak said that everyone knew about his drug use, even finding narcotics in his hotel and “turning a blind eye”, but they did not “care” because “the important thing was the money.

“I’m not saying anybody made me do drugs, said Geno. “It was my choice, but it was overlooked (by WeTV and show producers) (…) Nobody gave a f**k until it was public.”

Geno also stated that the production facilitated his use of drugs at filmed events, even bought him 90 beers and, on other occasions, that they drink with him. He also accused them of letting him drive even though they knew he had no permission.

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