Mama June: Geno Doak accuses WeTV and show production – “June passed the drug test, there was nothing in her system!”

Regarding the betrayal of June and the messages exchanged with another woman, Geno said it is another lie. According to him, a journalist from “The Blast” created the text messages to try to separate him from June.

“(They think) if they can get Geno and June apart, they can get her back on the show and make more money. It’s not about money for me”, he said.

As for filming, Doak said that everyone “just disappeared” without any explanation and that it appeared to be a “breach of contract.”

“If they want to sit there and make me look like I’m horrible, like they’re perfect and they’ve tried to get us help or whatever, screw off man (…) To ThinkFactory, to WEtv, you guys need to chill out man. I have so much proof and I haven’t contacted [legal] counsel and I will.”

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