Mama June: Geno Doak accuses WeTV and show production – “June passed the drug test, there was nothing in her system!”

Geno also talked about Dr. Ish Major, who participated in June’s intervention, and about the “ultimatum” that he advised the star family to perform. Doak accused him of asking June to go to rehab without even seeing her, and that the star would have no trace of drugs on her body.

“All this stuff’s make believe,” he said. “Ultimatums? How about this, Dr. Ish, I’m gonna call you out, too. What about your statement to the facility that June went to, saying June was on drugs and all that. You’ve never seen her! How can you provide a statement to a facility about an individual you did not see? You did not examine her. You spoke to her in a crowd of other people.”

“What’s up with that? Isn’t that illegal? I think it is. By the way, when that happened, when she went to the facility, because she was on ‘drugs,’ guess what? She passed a drug test; there were no drugs in her system. Amazing, isn’t it?” 

Geno ended the video by saying he was human and admitting that he made mistakes but wanted to be left alone because he no longer wanted to attend the show.

This page points out that it found no reference to Doak’s video other than in “The Ashley’s Reality RoundUp”. The video exists and we had access to it. However, the story apparently has not been much publicized. There must be some reason, but we don’t know what.

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