90 Day Fiance: Nicole responds to comment on Azan and her overweight – ‘That’s not how it works’

Three days ago, a follower of Nicole Nafziger, “90 Day Fiance” star, made the following comment about her weight and her relationship with Azan Tefou:

“Nicole, lose weight and Azan will come running for you, believe me!”

Nafziger, very politely, merely replied:

“Not how it works.”

The commentary provoked revulsion on the part of most of Nicole’s fans, who revolted at what they considered a “rudeness”:

“Grow up!”, said one of the followers, more sparing. Another, more revolted, said: “Your comment makes me want to vomit..”

Recalling that in episode of “90 Days to Marry” aired last week, Nicole told her mother that Azan’s store in his country does not exist.

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