90 Day Fiance: Nicole tells her mother that Azan’s store does not exist

In the next episode of “90 Day Fiance”, Nicole Nafziger will tell her mother that the alleged shop that her boyfriend would have in Morocco does not exist.

Robbalee, Nicole’s mother, will be shocked when she hears her daughter’s confession and will ask, “What you’re telling me is that you’ve been lying to me this whole time?” Nicole will simply answer something like “I mean, if you gotta put it that way…”

Nicole Nafziger gave Azan Tefou $ 6000, the money they would have to hold the wedding, in order for him to start the store. The girl justifies saying that they would have “looking at the store”, but her mother accuses Azan of making Nicole lie. Nicole denies it and says she would never do it for a request from him. In the end, Robalee says:

“In Morocco he lied to me about the business and that’s a little unsettling,” she notes. “Azan shows his true colors over and over again.”

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