90 Day Fiancé: Paul is very dramatic! – Karine Staehle tells of everything that happened the day her husband accused her of betrayal

This week “90 Day Fiancé” star Karine Staehle defended herself against accusations of betrayal by her husband, Paul Staehle.

Here we will transcribe parts of the live broadcast kindly provided by Karine about three days ago to our magazine “O Mundo Online”, in which she talked about the alleged betrayal, the disorder in her house and her young son, Pierre.

About the betrayal:

“There was no betrayal. I really went out with friends, I had to go, I couldn’t take it. But I came back, Paul asked to see the son, I brought. If the separation happens, Paul will always see Pierre. He is the son of both of us. And I always want to be by Paul’s side to help him, whether as a wife or as a friend.”

About her attitude and care regarding the house where she lives with Paul:

“It’s not true that I do nothing! I take care of my house and my son alone, without anyone’s help. Paul only takes care of the dogs.”

As for the clutter left in the house when Karine left after the fight:

“I dyed my hair and the ink fell out. I struggled to remove the stain, but couldn’t… It needed a specific product, which was later bought by Paul himself. He is very dramatic.”

As for the picture where Karine was in front of a domestic assault station:

“I didn’t go there to report Paul, on the contrary. We went there the three of us, him, Pierre and me. He took our picture out front and told me to go there sometime if necessary. I would not have that happy expression in the photograph if I had gone to report it.”

About the tattoo:

“We fight for things that don’t exist. Paul wants to take too much care, asked why he had not let him choose the tattoo artist… But I searched and made a good choice. Then he started complaining because I had taken off the tattoo protection (it was bothering me). But I washed, I’m taking good care. I don’t think it’s right to expose life like that on Instagram, there are things that are only ours.”

About the relationship:

“Paul is not perfect, nobody is. But he is very dear and loves to take care of me and Pierre. He is a wonderful father, only has anxiety problems… However, I would very much like him to change. For me and the baby. I’m reaching my limit, I can’t take this situation that comes and goes.”

About Paul and Pierre:

“I would never push Pierre away from Paul, that’s not true. I saw what he said about only letting him see our son once a week, and that’s not true. Please do not believe it.”

About criticism of her:

“What you see on the show doesn’t always portray the whole truth. I’m not immature as people say, but I react to the way Paul treats me. I am also an excellent mother, contrary to what they say. I do and would do everything for my son.”

About criticism of Paul:

“I wish people would stop criticizing a little maliciously. Constructive criticism is good, but there are some that let it down quite a bit. It doesn’t help.”


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