90 Day Fiancé: In live video, Paul Staehle exposes Karine hygiene with tattoo

A few hours ago, “90 Day Fiancé” star Paul Staehle released a live video on his Instagram.

During the video, Karine sang, watching television alongside the couple’s son, Pierre, while Paul complained that Karine didn’t care for a tattoo made a few days ago.

“She doesn’t want to protect with bandages, doesn’t clean, doesn’t do anything. When I say something, she calls me an stupid”, Paul said.

Karine didn’t answer anything while recording. Paul continued the monologue, stating that tattoos needed care, cleaning, and that he was afraid of getting infected.

In the end, Paul said he would go to a store (apparently to buy the necessary requirements to clean and cover the tattoo). Karine continued singing to her son, as if not listening to what he was saying.

Remembering that Karine and Paul recently resumed their relationship.


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