Unexpected: How are Rilah and Anthony? – December 2019

The story of Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Vanelli has not been very beautiful lately.

According to Starcasm, Anthony was arrested in November this year on charges of domestic violence against Rilah. According to the girl, everything happened at a gas station and would have been assisted by the couple’s daughter, Malayah. Later, Anthony would also have threatened to take Rilah’s child.

Rosa, Rilah’s mother, released the footage of the time Anthony was arrested, cursing and making obscene gestures.

“He’s obsessive and crazy”, Rilah said of her ex-boyfriend.

Anthony was released by his mother, who allegedly paid $500 bail.

Later, Rilah was outraged on social networks with Anthony’s new girlfriend. The girl posted a series of tweets and a photo of her ex’s supposed new love.

“(Anthony) said I’m mad because I’m a fat, ugly sow, and your girlfriend is thinner than me”, Rilah said. “I gained weight while pregnant with your child, have more respect.”

However, apparently, the relationship between the couple improved somewhat over time: a few days ago, Rosa posted on social networks an occasion when she left Malayah with her father, which indicates that perhaps things are less “hard”.

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