Unexpected: How are Matthew and Hailey? – December 2019

While awaiting a child, “Unexpected” stars Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tiford said they will not be next season.

The arrival of the baby is expected in April 2020, and the couple seems to be quite excited.

“We’re happy, excited, and we couldn’t be less worried about the noisy opinions”, Matthew said at the time of the pregnancy announcement.

However, not everything is rosy: about a month ago, Haley and Matthew announced the end of their relationship, although both remained friends and Matthew declared full support for Haley despite the breakup.

But the story does not end there: a few days later, Haley announced that the relationship had resumed and that everything had happened thanks to the depression that has been facing:

“I pushed him away and treated like no human being should be treated. He saw me scream and cry and collapse and did nothing but support me and remind me that I can get through it. I’m in therapy to find myself again.”

Yes. About ten days later, Haley again announces the end of the relationship.

“Yeah, I’m single, Matthew and I broke up”, Haley said. “We’re nothing but toxic, we don’t treat each other well. I don’t know if Matthew and I will fix our problems and stay together, but all I need now is therapy and focusing on my baby.”

Anything new, The World Online magazine tells you. 🙂

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