90 Day Fiancé: “Just Don’t Ask Me About Pedro!” – Chantel Everett Answers Fan Questions

A few hours ago, Chantel Everett decided to answer some questions from her Instagram followers.

From the beginning, however, Chantel made it clear that she would not say anything about a particular subject.

“Just don’t ask me about Pedro,” Chantel warned.

The girl then mentioned that she would spend Christmas with her family at some friends’ house and that she would “bring the two families together” – but it was not clear whether such “families” would be hers and Pedro’s.

Chantel also said she would like to take part in some reality show that involved competition or needed cooking, as well as asking fans to follow her brother River’s musical work.

When asked how her parents met, Chantel said they both had high school together and have been together for 28 years.

Remembering that, recently, Chantel was photographed next to her husband, Pedro Jimeno, in a restaurant, which seems to indicate that the two remain together.


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