90 Day Fiancé: “She knows he has family in Morocco!” – Portuguese accuses Nicole of supporting Azan Tefou’s wife and children

According to the testimony of a Portuguese fan of the show “90 Day Fiancé”, Azan Tefou, fiancé of Nicole Nafziger, has a family in Morocco supported by the girl.

“He has family in Morocco and she knows, but she does nothing to end the situation”, the Portuguese said.

Fatima, who has family members in Agadir (where Azan lives), says that many know him on his place, but that there is a ban on showing the show, allowing him not to be harassed by the residents.

Fatima also said that Azan’s family (supposedly wife and children) knows about the relationship between him and Nicole.

“At the expense of her work, they have been living a life of kings! 10,000 euros for Morocco is a fortune”, the Portuguese said.

O Mundo Online is trying to reach Fatima for more information.


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