Outdaughtered: Danielle Busby Talks About Her Marriage and Criticism of Society

In the last post of her blog, “Outdaughtered” star Danielle Busby spoke about criticism of her romantic outings with her husband, Adam Busby.

“Adam and I got a lot of criticism for having ‘so many romantic encounters’, said Danielle. “We are convinced that by taking care of our marriage in the first place, we are doing our best for our daughters.”

Danielle justified his thought:

“One of the most essential needs of children is to be raised in a loving, safe home, so you need to make sure that the relationship between me and Adam is strong.”

The star also pointed out that while some couples believe they can pay more attention to marriage after their children grow up, this does not always happen.

“When children grow up, the distance is often so great that couples don’t even recognize each other anymore,” added Danielle. “The best way to protect your children from this kind of thing is to keep your marriage a priority.”

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