This week, “Little People Big World” star Amy Roloff said she was not part of this year’s pumpkin season at Roloff Farm and, in her own words, “for various reasons”.

Amy was at the celebration, but was not so active. According to the star, the reason would be that someone gave her an “ultimatum” and she wanted to “avoid confrontation”.

When asked if she could be there the following year, Amy was even more pessimistic about her stay on the farm.

“I won’t be able to participate as much as this year. Everything changed for me now, because I chose not to take part in a confrontation that could impact other people, due to an ultimatum they gave me if I kept following (the celebrations on the farm). ”

Amy had already sold the farm, had someone given her an ultimatum to move away from, and the star avoided a confrontation that would split the family? Only time will tell.