Sister Wives: The marriage of Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson

Aspyn Brown, daughter of “Sister Wives” stars Kody and Christine Brown, married Mitch Thompson on June 17, 2018.

The ceremony took place in front of 120 guests in Sandy, Utah.

Aspyn, then 23, and her husband Mitch welcomed their 400 guests in Sandy, Utah.

In their vows, the bride and groom listened to their messages, but did not exchange rings since they had been using them for some time.

As for where the reception took place, Aspyn said:

“It was naturally beautiful, we didn’t have to do much. There were flowers, a beautiful view and a lake. It was not necessary to decorate much either, because the place was already great. This spared us the worry about too many details and allowed our families and us to just enjoy the occasion.”

Remembering that Mitch Thompson is brother of “Seeking Sister Wife” star Vanessa Aldredge.


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