Unexpected: Max Schenzel could not be present for the baptism of his daughter thanks to Jessica Bowman

In a video posted on YouTube three weeks ago, “Unexpected” star Chloe Mendoza responded tweets criticizing her stance on the show.

In one of them, a follower criticized Chloe’s mother’s excessive control over her during her daughter’s baptism:

“During baptism, should not the father of the child be at the altar with his daughter? His daughter was being baptized! Chloe needs to stand up to her parents and stop letting them control everything. ”

Chloe responded defensively and, as usual, defending her mother and stepfather:

“My parents have no control over who is at the altar during baptism, who controls this is the church. You need to go to baptism classes, which Max couldn’t be in because there was a restraining order at the time.”

Remembering that the restraining order was requested by Chloe’s mother, Jessica Bowman, which kept Max from Chloe and her own daughter for a while.

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