Unexpected: Max Schenzel attributes Jessica Bowman’s rudeness to frustrations caused by Chloe’s father: “She wants to push me away because Chloe’s father was never by her side”

In spite of all its mistakes, it is undeniable that “Unexpected” star Max Schenzel tried to be near the mother of his daughter, Chloe Mendoza, whenever she needed it.

However, Jessica Bowman, Chloe’s mother, has always shown hostility towards Max in an everlasting attempt to control the girl’s steps.

We saw a little bit of this in the video shared by Max yesterday, September 6th. Schenzel saw some scenes from the reality show and commented on it.

About the rough way that Chloe Mendoza’s mother, Jessica Bowman, dealt with him, Max commented that she was worst when “the cameras were on” then when they weren’t.

Schenzel also says what he thought about Jessica’s rude attitude. According to Max, Chloe’s mother tries to push him away by frustration because she had no support from the girl’s father when she was born:

“Of course Chloe is gonna want me near her, she’s giving birth! What lady doesn’t want like the dad of the daughter that’s being born to be by her? (…) Jessica has to force, she has to make fun of me and push me away, because her baby daddy wasn’t around, so her daughter’s baby daddy can’t be around because hers wasn’t there.”

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