Mama June: Is the relationship between June Shannon and her mother bad? – June, Anna and her grandmother (part 1)

During the marriage of Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson and Jennifer Lamb, the mother of “Mama June From Not to Hot” star June Shannon said very harsh words about her daughter.

“Lord, I wouldn’t have done that to my body if it’d been me”, commented June’s mother Sandra Hale about her weight loss. “She needs to do something with her hair. Her roots are showing.”

The reason Sandra referred so rudely to June is linked to Anna Cardwell, June’s eldest daughter.

When Anna was sexually molested by  Mark McDaniel, June’s boyfriend at the time, the girl told her teachers that Mark had repeatedly attacked her. Cardwell, who was just eight years old, was immediately defended by his grandmother, who contacted the police.

“They arrested him,” Sandra told a television show. “I wanted to kill him. To do that to a child, especially her!”

Mark was sentenced to 10 years in prison for child abuse… (keep reading)

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