Mama June: Anna Cardwell accused June Shannon of stealing her money – June, Anna and her grandmother (part 3)

Shortly after the June Shannon and Mark McDaniel scandal, Anna Cardwell accused her mother of stealing money from her savings and her fund, which would have declined from $30,000 to $15,400.

June blamed Sandra Hale for this, calling her mother a “money-hungry bi**”:

“I just think it’s more of my mom pushing her than any of this because I’ve gotten several text messages where my mom is pushing it more than Anna. Me and Anna do have peace, it’s just my mom she doesn’t understand that there is no more money for her, sorry. Anna knows that I’ll always be there for her but she needs to stop listening to my mom, my mom need to stop pushing, she’s a money hungry b—h.”

June claimed to have used the fund’s money to pay Anna’s costs, such as rent and telephone bills, since she did not live with her mother. However, to calm her spirit, Shannon offered Anna a $15,400 check, and mother and daughter apparently made up.

Anna said she accepted reconciliation only on the condition that Mama June stay away from the man who molested her as a child.

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