Sister Wives: Meri Brown is Still a Sister Wife

“Sister Wives” star Meri Brown posted another photo with a friend she met at Disneyland, Michael Blair.

Meri and Michael – who is allegedly gay – met again during a visit to Oregon, USA.

As always, many fans believed it was a new boyfriend; however, Meri’s friend Jess Harmon tried to clear up the confusion (or at least tried) with this comment:

“I can guarantee if @lularoemeribrown and Kody weren’t together you wouldn’t hear about it here first…. ever. She has too much integrity to blindside her family. 😘 That being said… there are people in this world who don’t treat vows of marriage so frivolously. She loves her husband and family.”

Meri just replied, “I love you, friend!”

In other words, the star’s response means that she is still a sister-wife.


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