Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder Has Been Depressive Due To Polygamy

One of the stories of “Seeking Sister Wife” involves the Winders family, made up of Colton and his two wives, Tami and Sophie. The trio, who lives in southern Utah, was looking for a third wife.

In an autobiographical post, Colton related some of his relationship with religion and polygamy.

Colton Winder explained that the foundation of his creation was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that he was exposed to very negative views of plural marriages, namely those where there is more than one wife.

As an adult, Winder had to deal with the conflict of the idea of ​​“polygamy” in his head, which led him to leave the church and enter an atmosphere of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Tami, his first wife, helped him deal with his problems and overcome depression. Only then did the two begin to consider the possibility of a second wife and so Sophie came into their lives.

Although The Church of Latter-day Saints has abolished the idea of ​​polygamy, many Mormons still practice it, as in Colton’s case.

He also says that depression and anxiety still accompany him thanks to the idea of ​​polygamy, although he emphasises that he is very happy with his wives and young daughter.

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