Seeking Sister Wife: Paige McGee blames her brother for Bernie’s death – “I hope you burn in hell”

“Seeking Sister Wife” star Paige McGee blamed her brother Patrick Marble for the death of her husband Bernie McGee.

About a month ago, via Facebook, Paige demonstrated her revolt against her brother who allegedly accused her and her husband of criminal persecution by prosecuting them. The penalty can be up to one year in prison.

Paige said:

“He did this! Patrick’s constant lies and attacks against us caused this! Patrick and my mother having us arrested for not doing a damn thing wrong did this! We were financially put out for having to hire lawyers, investigators, and missing work for this bullsh*t. Patrick Marble has admitted numerous times he would not stop until we were fired from the show. Well, that never happened so he continued his bullying and harassment. Bernie has been under so much stress and the stress of going to court this coming Wednesday with fear of 1 year in jail wore on Bernie. Bernie was so upset the day we were arrested because our sons had to watch us being taken away. Every night since then, Bernie has said over and over, the look on Johnny’s face. He just couldn’t get over that. Patrick Marble and I do not have a relationship. We never have. Patrick Marble… YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL.. And you better stay the HELL away from me and my family!”

To TMZ, after Bernie’s death, Patrick said he dropped the charges against Paige and attempted a reconciliation, but to no avail.

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