Unexpected: Max Schenzel faces criminal prosecution for 77-year-old lady credit card theft

According to “Starcasm”, in July 2018, “Unexpected” star Max Schenzel was arrested for stealing credit cards from a friend’s grandmother, a 77-year-old lady.

Max have allegedly gone to his friend’s house at 2 am, asking for some water and wanting to talk. The friend asked him to leave because he was sleeping.

The next day, that friend discovered that two credit cards, $545 and casino vouchers had disappeared from his grandmother’s purse.

Credit cards were used to buy snacks at McDonald’s and a mini-refrigerator, less than 1 km from the stolen lady’s house.

The grandson recognized Max in store security videos. Max allegedly admitted to his friend’s grandmother his fault and offered some compensation, but she declined.

Max was arrested. He even tried to deny using the cards, stating that the friend is an alcoholic.

Unfortunately, things got more complicated for Max because he already had a criminal record – he had already been detained for trespassing and excessive blood alcohol.

In December 2018, Max was sentenced to 30 months probation, 3 months in prison, 150 hours of community service and had to shell out over $1000 to return the victim and pay taxes.

His 3-month imprisonment was due to begin in May 2019, but was postponed to September.

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