Seeking Sister Wife: Jennifer Linnerth talks about her “death” and tells why she doesn’t want to be with the Alldredges

This season of “Seeking Sister Wife” we saw the Alldredge family and their relationship with Jennifer Linnerth, an applicant for sister wife.

However, after many problems and unmarked commitments, the Alldredges received one last message, saying that the girl had died. It was not true.

In a Facebook live, Jennifer said that while she had nothing bad to say about the Alldredge family, she didn’t feel well enough to become a member.

At the meeting, Linnerth said that being with Jeff was like being by “a weird guy at the bar, looking at her, taking his clothes off with his eyes” and that “he smelled bad.”

She also stated that she had not gone to the family home because she was afraid they would put her in the tree house and because they had no indoor plumbing. Jennifer also said that none of the Alldredges contacted her after that.

As for the message sent to the Alldredges stating that she had passed away, Jennifer did not apologize but blamed an adopted sister who would have sent the message without her knowing it.

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