Little Women LA: Todd Gibel says Christy McGinity left home where they lived in bad conditions to live with Gonzo Carazo

A few days ago, Christy McGinity’s ex-husband Todd Gibbel stated that the house where he lived with his ex-wife had been abandoned by her.

According to Gibel, the owner emailed him saying that, with the abandonment, some damage and forgotten items had been left. The house would also need cleaning and pest control.

The rent for August have allegedly not been paid and the contract is in force until October this year.

Still according to Todd, their dog are with family members and Christy left everything to go to New York, where lives her boyfriend, Gonzalo “Gonzo” Carazo.

But most interesting was the comment made by Joe Gnoffo, husband of Terra Jolé, Christy’s stated disaffection:

“When we shoot all cast events/scenes next season, I’ll be the guy grinning with sunglasses on at Christy, knowing that a percentage of every episode she shoots will be going to you. You guys were married 5 years so she should have to pay u something for the next 2 and a half years. Know your rights!”

Remembering that Christy is currently pregnant with Gonzo.

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