Kate + 8: Why did Hannah leave Kate Gosselin to live with her father?

Hannah Gosselin, daughter of the stars of Jon and Kate + 8 Jon and Kate Gosselin, is now 15 years old and lives with her brother Collin and his father Jon.

The reason Hannah, unlike her other brothers, is in her father’s custody is somewhat nebulous.

According to In Touch Weekly magazine, in August 2015, during a visit to her father, Hannah would have refused to return home with Kate.

During the episode, police officers were called in and witnessed Hannah in her father’s car, refusing to accompany her mother.

Kate tried to force her daughter out of the car, while Jon encouraged her to fight if she didn’t want to be with her mother.

According to sources, Hannah cried whenever she needed to leave her father, and as Jon had said he would ask for his daughter’s custody should this happen again, Kate decided to call the police.

Kate reportedly told police she had tried to remove her daughter’s seat belt and forcibly remove her from the car, but Hannah resisted until her arm was injured and an ambulance had to be called.

At the hospital, Kate reportedly said “Jon was a threat and Hannah needed to be protected,” and her father was taken away from his daughter while she was being treated.

After a hard fight Jon got custody of Hannah and she was finally able to stay with her father – however, thanks to this, according to other sources, Kate would have influenced her children to stay away from Jon.

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