Lost in transition: Leslie Cook has complications in surgery and is hospitalized

“Lost in Transition” star Leslie Cook (formerly called “Les”) was hospitalized after complications from surgery.

Her wife, Stacy Cook, posted some pictures of her daughter and Leslie during a visit to the hospital, which is 10 hours away from their place of residence.

Because of her job, Stacy was able to stay with Leslie for only two weeks.

In the post where Stacy explained what happened, the caption was:

“Leslie is in the hospital. She had surgery back on the second, and had some pretty deadly complications. I took two weeks off of work to stay with her, but that was all I could take. Now I’m back home and I am paying for a babysitter… That is about half of my paycheck. (…)  But she is across the state anyway. A 10 Hour Drive away from me. I’m using talk to text so sorry if this is kind of messy I’ll try to fix it. Anyway, we’ve changed up a go fund me page. If you would like to access it, there’s a link to all our links in my bio. I think that a go fund me has a little more information as well, but I can’t remember. I am mentally and physically and emotionally drained… I am working full-time, taking kids to the sitter, trying to somehow do the single mom thing even though I have a partner she’s just stuck in a hospital bed… I have so much respect for single moms. This shit is so hard. Anyway I’m just kind of rambling at this point because I really need to go to bed. Thanks for listening. Go follow @lesliecook2012 as well. Thank you all for your support and good vibes.”

For who interested, Leslie’s Instagram profile is @lesliecook2012 and Stacy’s @stacy.marie.cook.

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