Little People Big World: Do Audrey and Jacob Roloff tease each other over religion?

According to reports, Audrey and Jacob Roloff do not have a very good relationship because of their religious beliefs.

While Audrey is a fervent Christian, Jacob proves to be openly opposed to traditional religions.

And things don’t seem to get any better: yesterday, in a story, Audrey talked a little about herself, her beliefs and her marriage. And at one point she said:

“I love Jesus and I want my life to be a reflection of being with Him and doing what He determines.”

Interestingly, by accessing Jacob’s profile, we find this story:

“I am extremely tired of living inside evangelical-Christian eschatology.”

We don’t know which post came first, but with their supposed past, it seems teasing.

Remembering that Jacob makes no bones about anything, which may have generated his permanent departure from the show.

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