90 Day Fiancé: Russ Mayfield posts picture carrying his son and a glass of beer in hand and Paola revolts: “What a hypocritical people! Why can men do everything?”

“90 Day Fiancé” star Paola Mayfield has “made no bones” about anything.

Paola, who has been heavily criticized lately for her outings with friends, yesterday posted in her stories a photo shared by her husband earlier.

In the photograph, Russ Mayfield carries the couple’s son, Axel, with a glass of beer in his hands. There is also this comment from Paola:

“People are so hypocritical nowadays…Russ drinking beer while taking care of Axel and nobody says anything, but if a MOTHER does it, all these internet mom shaming biotches start talking s*** about it!”

The photo is no longer on Russ’s profile. Remembering that Paola, this week, published several photos and videos accompanied by his best friend, Juan Muñoz.