Geordie Shore: Chloe Ferry attacks Amber Davies over Sam Gowland – “You slept with my boyfriend!”

It seems that the story of the separation between Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland is far from over. And the fight is on fire!

It all started yesterday, when Amber Davies posted a tweet with the caption “Looking at my boyfriend while he doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend yet,” and Chloe replied, “Aye after you shagged mine ”.

Soon after, Ferry recorded numerous videos on Instagram, accusing her ex-boyfriend of sleeping with Amber.

Sam then published a montage with Chloe’s face and the caption: “Award-winning performance #Oscar.”

In response, this morning Chloe posted a Whatsapp conversation between Amber and Sam, in which he said, “U gunna stop ignoring us on insta. U don’t want what happened before to change out daft arse! I’m good mates with ya.”

Amber spoke on Instagram, saying the messages were misinterpreted and the situation was “ridiculous.”

Chloe also responded by reposting Amber’s story, calling her a “liar.”

In the modest and small opinion of this humble page, there seems to be no sign of betrayal by either side. But that there is immaturity, oh there is. A lot.

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