Little Women LA: Tired of Terra Jolé bullying, Christy McGinity is no longer part of the cast of the show

Through a post about “Hashimoto Syndrome,” the disease her daughter Autumn suffers from, “Little Women LA” star Christy McGinity announced that she was leaving the show.

Apparently, after many Terra Jolé taunts, Christy has reached her limit.

Terra reportedly downplayed the autoimmune and incurable Autumn’s disease, prompting Christy to post a photo with the consequences of the syndrome and this caption:

“‘Hashimoto’s is serious! You cannot compare Hashimoto’s disease to pinkeye! Terra broke my contract! I have it in my contract that she is not allowed to talk about my alcoholism. I’m done with Little Women LA I’m announcing it right now I’m moving. Goodbye forever! I’m following my heart.”

Christy later edited the post, leaving only the first two sentences.

Remembering that Christy McGinity is dating a man named Gonzalo Carazo who lives in New York – maybe the star will move there, who knows?

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