Mama June: June Shannon prefers Geno Doak and gives up her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson

According to TMZ, sources linked to the star family of “Mama June New Life!” star June Shannon claims that her family gave her an ultimatum.

To get Alana back, June would have to leave Geno and seek professional help.

Still according to TMZ, June said a resounding “NO” to both of them.

Remembering this is not the first time June Shannon prefers one of his partners over a daughter.

When Anna Cardwell, her firstborn, was raped by her former partner and father of her other daughter Jessica, June revolted against her daughter and did not support her when the girl told the truth. Anna was only 6 years old.

And as soon as her daughter Anna’s confessed rapist left jail, June was photographed by her side searching for a house and smiling. Apparently holding hands.

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