Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson thinks of calling her baby “Extra” or “Cloud”

At the call of the first episode of the new reality “Geordies OG” – which, in theory, would have as participants the original Geordies, but in practice the story is not quite that – Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson, her boyfriend and father of her son, consider names to put on your baby.

When Marnie first suggests the name “Baby,” Casey tries to be more usual and tries “Mercedes”.

This is the cue for Marnie to start a list of exotic names like “Little Queen,” “Sixteen,” and “Cloud.”

And when Casey claims that Marnie is trying to be a little extraordinary, the brunette suggests the last name:

“And what do you think of ‘Extra’?”

The first episode of “Geordies OG” is due to air on Wednesday on American MTV.

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