Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Offers Farm Tour in Pre-Release of Book

“Little People Big World” star Amy Roloff welcomed a fan and her daughter to her farm house.

Both were the winners in a prerelease offer for Amy’s book, “A Little Me.”

In an Instagram post, Amy expressed her satisfaction:

“I was so thrilled to host Kristi and her daughter at my house on the farm last month – winner of the pre-order giveaway of my book ‘A Little Me’. 🌻😊🌻 Woohoo! We all had such a lovely great time together. I was glad Lisa was able to join us too. They’re from Indiana and we definitely had a lot in common – in life and coming from the Midwest. We had a lovely ‘girls’ tea party lunch that I made and toured the farm and of course lots of talking. 💗 Thanks for coming on out Kristi. I had a blast and hope you did as well. We’re friends now and I know I would be with many of you.”

Remembering that Amy in her book refers to an alleged prior relationship between her ex-husband Matt Roloff and his current girlfriend Caryn.

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