Geordie Shore: Sam Gowland Rebels Against Chloe – “Never Trust Chloe Ferry”

Two days ago, via an Instagram Live, Sam Gowland said the following words about ending his relationship with Chloe Ferry:

“I’ll tell you the reason (for the end of the relationship) because no one has talked about it yet. We broke up because it wasn’t working. Then we got together again and went to Magaluf for work. From Magaluf, I went to Ibiza for two days. After I came back, Chloe went to Ibiza and cheated on me (…) while texting me saying, ‘Sam, please get me a flight because I don’t want to stay here’.”

According to Sam, after the two reconciled and began filming the reality show “Geordie Shore”, friends told him what had happened in Ibiza. Sam’s incendiary reaction will be seen in the upcoming season of Geordie Shore.

Gowland said he left the Shore house, but could not stay away from Chloe for a long time, as they both have business and property together, which made them soon again a couple. However, according to Sam, Chloe betrayed him again.

“She went out with someone else yesterday,” he said angrily.

Sam also believes Chloe is selling information to the press that he was unfaithful.

Remembering that, some time ago, in one of the many terms between them, Sam even classified Chloe as “psychopath” during an interview. So no one will be surprised to see them holding hands again tomorrow. That’s it.

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