Little Women LA: “I’ve been bullied by Terra for years! She makes me cry a lot behind the cameras” – Christy McGinity’s Daughter Reveals Terra Jolé Attacks Over the Years

Autumn Taylor, daughter of “Little Women LA” star Christy McGinity, got everything off her chest on an Instagram live last night.

Autumn, who recently has said that suffers from “Hashmoto’s Disease”, an autoimmune and incurable disorder, revealed being bullied by Terra Jolé, another show participant.

Over the years, Terra, who has a complicated temperament, has shown a great deal of disagreement with Christy and started many arguments with Autumn’s mother:

“She has made me cry for years behind the cameras because she doesn’t like my mom”, Taylor revealed.

Autumn claimed to be disgusted by Jolé’s actions, and that she was happy that her mother and she were out of the show (that part scared us too, we didn’t want to see Christy come out of “Little Women”).

A few times during the screening, a female voice sounded like Christy’s in the background, trying to control her anger and prevent Taylor’s breach of contract.

For those who don’t know, a few days ago TLC aired an episode of the current season in which Autumn defended his mother from another of Terra’s assaults.

Remembering that Christy dates Gonzalo Carazo and has shared many photos in New York where he lives.

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