Mama June: Honey Boo Boo pretends to snort COCAINE on Instagram video and Pumpkin reprimands her – “Never do such a thing in your life again!”

Last Thursday, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson simulated cocaine use during an Instagram live.

Looking at the camera and answering followers’ questions, Alana says, “What is next? Tell me what’s f*ck next right now”. Soon after, with a plastic knife, Alana seems to line up some kind of material on the table, warns “We’re gonna have to cut off the camera really quick because I have to do something” and pretends to snort it, simulating cocaine use.

Immediately, her sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon scolds her in despair:

“Alana quit f*ck doing, don’t even f*ck mimic that on f*ck live! Don’t ever do that again! ”

When Alana jokingly asks, “What?” Lauryn replies:

“What you just f*cking did. Act like a f*ck idiot on Live. That’s why you don’t go f*uck live on your Instagram”

TMZ hypothesized that this could be a mockery of Alana to her mother, June Shannon, who was arrested on drug possession charges.

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