Little People Big World: Matt Roloff builds a plane for his grandson!

“Little People Big World” star Matt Roloff published a video showing the skeleton of a small plane being transported on his farm.

Matt explained that it was the surprise he had long referred to: he was building a plane for Jackson, his grandson.

The idea came when Jackson could not keep up with other boys his age in a toy because he was not tall enough. Check out the photo caption:

“Ok ok. The secret’s out now. Remember when @toriroloff wrote a post about taking Jackson to the county fair and he didn’t meet the height requirements .. so he had to watch the taller kids his age get to ride while he stood there and just watched… matters worse.. Jackson LOVES airplanes! Well now…Phase one is complete and bringing the project back to the farm to put into place. Ember has it right! It’s an airplane … Shhh. Don’t tell Jackson yet.. but grandpa is making absolutely sure he can access every single part of this new play structure. No height requirements on grandpa’s watch!”