7Little Johnstons: Trent Johnston responds to “boring” fan – “I’m not blind”

7 Little Johnstons star Trent Johnston published a photo a few days ago with his wife Amber and their dog. They were in a moving car.

One of the hashtags in the photo was #ourchocodox, alluding to the color of his dog, chocolate. Soon a follower tried to correct in a not too delicate way:

“Ok slight correction Trent/Amber.. not a chocolate.. his 2 tone colors are called black and tan.. and pls restrain him in the back seat with an approved dog harness for vehicles.. I don’t wish him to become a projectile through the window .. have had 4 doxies myself each one a different color variation.”

Trent’s answer was:

“I’m not color blind… He is surely a chocolate and cream/tan. We to have had four dox.”

Could someone blame him? #annoyingpeople