Little Women LA: Fans of the show ask Terra to leave the show – “You are such a hater”

A few hours ago, Elena Gant shared a photo with some participants of the show “Little Women LA”. The stars were at a “Meet and Greet” event. However, some followers decided to criticize one of the participants, Terra Jolé, even classifying her as “hater”:

“Terra needs to get off the show she just a dramatic person always looks for drama.

“I can’t stand her. She is not just dramatic but a horrible friend. She wants to be in control of every situation and thinks she van but in everyone’s life”, another fan replied.

“Is like if someone has something good going on in there life she always has to put her big mouth in and always tries to put the person down like girl you such a hater be happy for everyone else girl get out of the show that’s why your man never defends you your such a drama person.”

Christy McGinity was not with them, as she is in New York with her boyfriend, Gonzo Carazo.

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