Little People Big World: “Matt Roloff Farm” – Does Matt intend to put his name on the farm?

Three days ago, “Little People Big World” star Matt Roloff shared a picture in a shed with the following caption:

“Progress on the most significant project matt roloff farm has seen in many years… Hang in there it will all make sense very soon.”

Some followers find the name “Matt Roloff Farm” strange as Amy, Matt’s ex-wife, is still be entitled to half the place.

“He said ‘Matt Roloff Farms’”, commented a follower. “Did he buy out Amy’s part of the farm?”

Another fan replied:

“From what I understand the farm is comprised of 2 separate sides, the original home site, where Amy’s house is, and then the other side where Matt’s DW and the fields are…. Matt bought Amy out of her share of the side he lives on…. so he now owns ALL of his side and half of hers.”

Matt approved of the girl’s summary, commenting:

“That’s exactly right.”

Recalling that Matt and Amy face a troubled divorce, and he even said that his ex-wife “didn’t want the farm because she was afraid of work”.

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