Little People Big World: “Amy doesn’t stay with the farm because she’s scared to death of work,” says Matt Roloff

Amy and Matt Roloff, “Little People Big World” stars, have been facing a difficult divorce. And, amid rumors of betrayal, they still have to decide what to do with the family farm.

Two days ago, a Facebook follower of Matt claimed the patriarch had kicked his wife off the farm:

“U pushed ur x wife out of the farm! Not sure if I cane ver respect that in u.”

Matt, in his reply, stated that he would love if Amy could take over the family farm, but the star “didn’t want the job”:

“I would love Amy to buy her side of the farm and let me move to [Arizona] full time. She’s scared  to death of the world and attention it would take.”

Remembering that, this week, Amy announced that she have been looking for a home to buy.

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