I’m Jazz: Is Jazz Single?

In April of this year, Ahmir Steward, the first boyfriend of “I’m Jazz” star Jazz Jennings, gave an interview to Radar Online talking about her relationship with the girl.

At first, Ahmir said they had no plans to see each other again, implying that the couple had actually broken up.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll see each other again”, said Ahmir.

The caption of one of the pictures posted by Steward already implied that the boy would be single:

“Although we may be single sometimes, we will be beautiful at all times. Everything is temporary. Except for the bad b***h vibes that you bring to the table.”

Ahmir, who revealed his fight against depression after the revelation that Jazz didn’t want a serious relationship, said he still maintains communication with the star:

“We are in communication, I just talked to her the other day. I spoke to her this week, she just pretty much has been telling me she’s there for me.”

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